Card Token Update

The team has been hardworking this past month to greatly improve our Card Token solution. Find out what's new here below !

:notebook-with-decorative-cover: First of all the documentation is completely re-written to be clearer and more complete, and is now available online as well as the full description of our API. Have a look !

:credit-card: We added Customer Initiated Transaction to support 3D secure challenge at the start of the payment initiation. You can now initiate payment both CIT or MIT.

We also added the support for transfer in the API. You can now link a transfer when initiating a payment. Rules defined in this transfer will be taken into account for settlement.

Those features are now available in the test environment with a production release planed for November 8th.

:calendar: The next step is to support temporary token like Apple Pay and Google Pay to start payment initiation.
Stay tuned.